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Discover the quaint village of Langada, Amorgos

Lush nature, ancient hiking paths, lovely narrow alleys, stark-white houses, and a sense of relaxed island-style living; you can find it all in Langada, one of the most picturesque traditional villages in Amorgos.

Located on the mountainside, Langada is overlooking the surrounding rolling hills and the sea and is in close proximity to Aigiali. It’s a great starting point for travelers who love hiking and wish to walk the path to Aigiali beach or explore some of the many paths in the area.

In Langada and around, there are interesting natural and cultural sights, from Araklos ravine and the old windmills to beautiful chapels and churches (Panagia Epanochoriani, Agia Triada, Byzantine Monastery of Theologos – about an hour’s hike from Langada).

Aegiali bay view, Amorgos
Langada village, Amorgos
Aegiali bay view
Langada village, Amorgos

If you love peaceful, off-the-beaten-track destinations, you will adore Langada. The village is not far from the sea (about 3 km from Aigiali) and is surrounded by wonderful nature. The main spots of activity are Loza, the central square, and the stone paved street crossing the village – both lined with quaint coffee-shops, traditional tavernas and small stores.

Accommodation in Amorgos, Greece

There also quite a few options for accommodation in Langada, including rooms and studios for rent.

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